Thursday, August 21, 2008

Railway stations

After more than two weeks, time wants to test me, whether I will write in the after hours of my work and I succeed! Wanted to write about this for a very long time, about something uncommon.

Railway stations.

Railway stations have always been my fascination. I love everything about them and here I will describe about some that have played a very important role in my life and some which I have enjoyed.

Tiruchirapalli Junction or TPJ is the first one that always brings back the sweetest memories. Early morning 5AM is the time when Rock Fort express will enter the well light Junction and I always used to press my face against the window to see the train entering the platform. The smell of early morning in TPJ still lingers around. Way back in 1990, the station used to be filled with the smell of burning coal and oil and after the advent of Diesel and Electric engines, only the smell changed a bit and not the charisma.
My parents used to take me to this station every time I wanted an outing for they know that is the best place to satisfy me! I enjoyed seeing the steam engines pulling the carriages for coupling with the mail line and loved the coupling process. It was here I got my first ambition, to become an engine driver.

Karur station is another beautiful place. Especially in the evenings of October. We used to go to Karur for performing Utsavam to the Thanthondri Perumal (He who appeared by himself) and catch the return train at around 9PM back to Chennai. To the station we used to reach by 7PM and being a restless boy, I just can’t sit still. The station is simple, not a big and complicated one like TPJ. Three platforms, out of that, one unused in the middle, wooden benches, lots of trees and one very old building in the entrance. The breeze will carry the smell of Neem and I used to walk the entire length of the station a dozen times before our train could arrive.

Tambaram, now a junction, is also a very nostalgic one. No roof and the sun used to pierce everyone in the afternoon. The reason why I love this station is because of the brilliant Bonda and the Vadai available in the VRS. My grandfather used to take me in the electric train from Mambalam to Tambaram, get me Aaloo bonda there and then bring me back home. This was the everyday routine for me until I joined school and after that it became a weekend ritual!

Thirumailai, a station with romantic memories! An unforgettable journey with my peppermint started here. Situated above the Buckingham canal, Thirumailai is also a very simple station. Being close to my home, it always kindles memories of TPJ for me whenever I cross it and that was everyday!

Koln is one station that really made me miss home and TPJ. It was around 11PM in the night when I entered the station from Bonn. Had to wait in Koln for an hour to catch my train to Muelheim and that one hour made me relive my childhood and boyhood days. There is a big dome that covers nearly half of the station and the lights are yellow. The breeze enters into the station, bringing with it the wetness of the Rhine running just nearby and the moon casts a shadow of the magnificent cathedral standing just outside the station. The length is long and evenly spaced with seats. I sat down there, away from the roof, and then came flooding back all these memories.

Monday, August 04, 2008

A real good day!

Today was a real good day for me. Well, what is a good day? The definition has been changing as I grow up. Obvious! When I search into my countless neurons to remember one good day in my childhood, this is what I can stamp as a good day. A day when my parents allowed me to burst fire crackers though it was not the season. Growing up a bit more, a good day was one that had no homework to do and when I was free to play as soon as I came back from school. I don’t remember doing homework anyways! A few more years up the ladder and it was a day when I could play my videogames after studies. Then it graduated to days when I could go out with my friends. Come College and real good days became many! Days of practical sessions and inter collegiate culturals. Days when I used to meet her were exceptionally good days and this is not a blog to describe how it felt!

It’s funny what I define now as a real good day. Like today, the hours were perfectly paced. Stomach did not grumble before lunch and I didn’t have to sit in front of the computer for long. My solution behaved properly during purification and the centrifuge did not spit it out whilst concentration. I did not feel sleepy after lunch but headed straight to the crystals to take a look at them. Immediately to my first German class that lasted for nearly an hour and also the compliment from my German teacher that my language skill is already good and then running to the labs again to finish my samples.

To end the day well, I happily poured the wasted liquid nitrogen on the floor and felt like I was in heaven! And I am blogging in my extra working hour too! What else can be a perfect day? 

I hope the sun sets with good food too!