Saturday, October 28, 2006


Trickles have always mesmerized me. The stream of water running down the street on a rainy day has something that couples my neurotransmitters responsible for bliss and happiness ( Phenyl ethyl amine and a dash of serotonin i guess !! ). When it runs over sand and stones, it looks just beautiful that i feel like watching it until all water flows down. The ocassional floating down of a leaf and a flower along with the downpour of water from the roof tops into the trickle makes it look like a vision of heaven!

Its a small unnoticeable happening on a rainy day, but it attracts my most attention!
Today, it was raining heavy and i was in my college hostel taking notes on Cholestrol ( I have to burn the excess in me!!!). Started from the hostel admist the rains wearing my rain coat towards the parking area where my beautiful blue Ducati stood waiting for me ( well, its just self soothing!!). But before that, this trickle flowing over pebbles and sand got me fixed on to it. I tore a page from my note, made a paper boat and was following its course downstream. There was big fallen branch on its path and superman heaved it out before my titanic could hit it!!

I know, its sounds crazy, but I just love doing that! Rains and trickles and paper boats!

Friday, October 13, 2006


Into my fifth year of college now and transversing into the final semester of my college life. We are sitting in the classroom, a round table with a big board on the western wall and thousands of books enclosing us. The professor walks into the room and announces, " Guys, you ve got your model examinations next week, from Monday to Friday. " Hey ! But, the Friday is Diwali eve ! The professor looks at me,

" Arent you grown up? whats the deal in Diwali for a MSc student like you"

Well, how is that growing up is defined? Is it defined in terms of how many festivals you dont care to celebrate and the many birthday days you tend to ignore like any other day in your life? if this is the defenition, then to the world, I am certainly not a grown up. But, do I care, certainly not, I define my happiness and I lead myself to it.

People want to stay young. Anti oxidants, peroxide creams, free radical scavengers, wrinkle control, skin upliftment and what not. Every chemical formula goes into the body just making things worse. I shall give a simpler treatment, just celebrate. Keep your mind young, you stay young.

I still feel as though, everytime I light up a fire cracker, its the first one I am lighting. The smell of the burnt powder of Nitrates and sulphides does more good than any of the creams do! The early morning competetion on who bursts the first cracker still makes me jump. The task of lighting the sky in the night is a responsibility that me and my sister look forward to. And if this means that I am not grown up, I am not!

See, celebrating works better than creams because even after years, am still going to light up the sky with my sister near me!