Thursday, July 31, 2008

Discovering Time

Been a long time. Really a long time. I guess my reluctance to write is because there is no one encouraging me to write with constant comments and pats on the back. And I should not forget to mention that I was searching for time to write. There were situations where I just wanted to write on how I felt, about myself and about the world. I guess it was the combined factor of time and encouragement that had put me off.

Now, I want to do a new beginning, wanting to start blogging on earthly and non existent issues just to kill the new found time. Where did this time suddenly come from? Well, I decided to relax after 5PM in the lab and slowly do the reactions to end the day late! I was pretty slow discovering this, but circumstances forced me to this. In a way it’s good! Let me see how far I am able to stick to this practice of blogging regularly!

Cheers to myself!