Tuesday, December 02, 2008

From my balconey

After a brilliant day at the labs and after good food and web development with Neeti, I suddenly felt like having some tea. Aromatic masala tea, steaming hot. I stood in the balconey watching the christmas lights of the city. It was freezing cold, but the warmth of the tea in my hands and down my throat was more effective than sweaters and thermals. I just felt like having tea, though my cozy bed was welcoming me to prepare me for a very early tomorrow morning.

It was around 9.45PM and freezing. I looked down the streets as well as into my memories and recollected loads of beautiful moments. The present also made me happy. There was this little boy, unaffected by the searing coldness playing solo in the streets. He was having a stick in his hand and was conducting an imaginary opera with himself being the lead baritone. It was filled with lisp and energy. He actions made me energetic! Well, you can imagine how energetic if I am writing this from home at this time!

Scanning through my address book in my mobile, I decided to call my friend Tomas who is in Prague. I thought he wouldnt recogonise me, especially through the masked phone number that is displayed when I call through my international calling account, but surprise, he recogonised even my Hello! Its really a good feeling when you are recogonised like this by friends whom you had made during a conference.

Oh yawn ! The effect of tea is wearing out... or is it time for another tea and another blog?!!