Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Why the sky is Blue?

This prestigious college in our city was granted Autonomy recently. Autonomy in inculcating education to students, to set its own syllabus and to have its own methodology in teaching. But, no autonomy in selecting students. That’s one thing the government is very strict about. Promote the intake of more SC/ST candidates and suppress the study of the 'interested class'.

The reservation system is going beyond tolerance. Many students aspire to study. They are denied the college seat. Others get bare minimum marks and get into colleges with ease even though they detest the subject and don’t have a background in that. Let the seats go unfilled, but you just cant give seat to a student of the 'interested class'. The seat can go only to the candidate with his community certificate showing SC/ST and with his marks reading as 40%.

I asked one of the SC candidates in my own class. He studies well and understands well and he is interested in what he is doing. “How would you feel if another of your community fellow has been awarded this seat with just a pass mark in this subject along with you, would you feel comfortable"? He was practical and not political. He said NO.

There are students who study and are really interested in studying. They are know as the 'interested class'. Why not give them the seat? If they are unable to pay the college fees, let this reservation quota help them to pay the fees or speaking politically, let them even given them free education.

By the way, here are a few responses in an end semester paper (Chemistry major). The question was " why the sky is blue ? ". This responses were given by the specially selected 'reservation quota' candidates other wise affectionately called as " Arjun Singh babies".

1. The sky is replaced by sodium thiosulphate. Hence it appears blue.
2. The sky appears blue because of the eye. ( Philosophical huh??)
3. Nitrate replaces bromate and replaces chlorine and replaces Blue color of sky comes.
4. Therefore s orbital and chlorine give therefore blue color. Therefore the sky is blue.
5. Why the sky is blue?

Now, whom are we to blame? The school in which they were educated? Most of the students hail from the government run corporation schools. You can imagine the state of teachers and the kind of education! The college is helpless, they are forced to accommodate these kind of students fearing the governmental policies. This is big crap. How many students you think passed this paper?

And why is that people who cant study need to study? Is our economy based on the number of educated people? Why is that true knowledge is not sought after at? Why are people afraid of pursuing what they can?

Well, this is our Government!!