Friday, October 14, 2005


Riding towards the moon

There it shone, above everything
The dark sky bore it, with pride.
Hiding behind clouds, majestically mysterious.
I rode towards it, engines roaring,
Heart soaring, hopes brightning
It was like flying, the breeze cutting my face
The faster i rode, the farther it seemed
Gleaming, it mocked at me
" try not what you cannot mortal,
Limited by imagination you are, beyond that I am
Its radiance seemed to blossom,
Outshadowed desire and passion,
Beauty and limitlless compassion.
The darkness of the night disappeared
From beneath the clouds it reappeared
I realised from where the glow emanated
From deep within myself was the light
Closed my eyes to behold the sight
The tyres of my bike not aground
I knew I would reach it, mortal as I am.....

Wednesday, October 12, 2005


A quest to understand what love is.....


The main plot revolves around a college final year student. The guy
is brilliant and a class topper. People expect a lot from him and he
tries to keep up their expectations.

Throwing light upon his character, he is more of pessimist. Still he
performs. One day, he meets his girl ( or he thinks that he has met
the right girl ). What starts as a mere eye contact between them
blossoms into a deep passion. He becomes mad about that girl. He
thinks that she is her life. He conveys this to her..............

The main motive of the story is show that how love can help and at
the same time destruct....

before proposing to that girl he was 'the guy'.. a never say no
kind. there was a positive aura around him and he used to pass on
his charm to his company... At first he did not think that he was
in love with her. He gave it time and allowed the feeling to grow..
he found out more about her.. her mannerisms, her way of
socialization, her innocence and her candicent smile.. all these
made him more passionate about her.. It was the day when things
started to go out of place.. it was the day he proposed to

You cannot just go up to a girl and propose just like that.. i think
that anyone would approach only when you see some positive signs
from the other side. Our hero was not a fool. He had noticed that
she did look at him when he was staring at her. She had given him
her candiscent smile whenever she found him staring at her. Over
the telephone too, our hero couldn’t rule out that she wasn’t
interested. As everyone does he collected all possible details about
her (please don’t let your imagination run wild guys..!!). He found
out that she had a brother, a mom and a dad ( Of course.. how
foolish!!). She was a study machine ( as if our hero is not) and she
did not have friends.... (it was the good part, coz she did not also
have a boy friend!!). There was a lot of discussion about the
studies over the telephone between these two. Eventually he became
just mad about her. It was THE DAY when he dialed her number to say
those words... those words that were unspoken... thoughts that were
embedded deep within.. things that were about to change his

Well, feelings and emotions are dangerous. They can turn the tide around you. After all everyone is human. Emotions, if not reciprocated in the right way can be disastrous. It all started.... He could not contain himself... he tried to... he thought it was just a infatuation. So, he gave it time. He thought he would be able to forget her and all those 'feelings' would end. But, as days grew into weeks, his passion for her grew like the soaring petrol prices in our city. Sleepless nights, restless days, killing evenings and unpleasant mornings became his routine. The only time he found himself happy was when he heard her voice over the phone. He cooked up reasons to call her and just speak... It was then, one fine evening, things began to turn from worse to worst.. it was the evening when he dialed her number with trembling fingers and the hammering of his heart could be heard blocks away. He was filled with hope and expectation...
" hello..., could i speak to...." .." hey how are you? " yeah doing fine..!" so, tell me how was your day? "somewhat ok, went to college, came back tired, slept, trying to study now. Got my internals tomorrow.... so, tell me wassup with you? .... " er... just,,, i want to tell something to you... i i am crazy about you... i am just mad about you... i couldn’t restrain myself further...."

"...err...hello ? are you there on the phone? " Apparently she became
speechless. "Hey.. i don’t have any thoughts or feelings of that kind. I
am treating you like how i treat anyone else." " so tell me..did u like
the crossword i designed today?" .... Now there was silence on his end.
He could feel the blood flow in his veins become heavy.. there was a
momentary giddyness..cold fingers and sweating eye brows.. "I dont know
what to talk.. i will call you later." The phone connection became
dead. The receiver was placed on the phone with such a disappointment
that one would think that it would never be picked up again. His
dilated eye could show his love being dissolved in tears of rejection.
The flame in his heart began to flicker.. a dull gloom settled over
him. Why? was the question killing him. He crept under the cozy and
warm bed sheet over his bed... with eyes wide open, he tried to sleep...

One never knows how to start, but as soon as he begins somewhere, the flow continues.
It was the longest night of his life. He thought the time piece had been tampered to run slow. The more he tried not to think about what had happened, the more the reality began to hit him. Was it a dream? did she really reject me? why did she do that? In what way am i not lovable?
aaah... why should she love me? it is her own right, her own freedom... come on sleep.... Unfortunately the former thoughts easily over-rood the later. Finally, before he could think of anything else, he fell asleep....

It was college the next day and there he came. A smile upon his face. He sat down for the class. She came in too... what? she here? Am i dreaming? He rubbed his eyes... then she changed into the professor! There was heavy breathing. I looked upon him and saw the shattered visage of my dear friend. Was he the same dear fellow who used to jump up all the way to college? I knew, i was losing him....

She said no da... what? i screamed in disbelief. i could see tears trying to break the membrane of his eyes...
dont worry da... she will come around.....

It is a common saying that time heals. Time does heal fissures on the earth, but fissures on the heart is impossible. May be it would heal, but not without severe scarring and that scare is enough to bring back the memories you wanted to wipe out.
The more you think you want to forget about it, the more you will keep thinking about it. He wanted to forget her. That was his first impulse. The more he tried, the more her images came to her mind…her smile, her innocent face, her eyes, her talk in his ears and all the time he found himself in her imaginative company. All night he would just be awake, thinking about her. He began to lose weight. Each morsel of food went down reluctantly down his throat. The sweetest music did not appeal to him anymore. The beautiful sunset looked lifeless. The cool breeze that blew, always spurred dust into his eyes… why ? He thought. Why did I meet her. Why did I see her? This question began to kill him.
Lifeless days passed, time was not the medicine for him. He had put extra holes in his belt to hold up his jeans and his lunch box was emptied by his friends. He managed to convince his friends that his change was due to excessive preparation for the entrance examinations and since he was brilliant in class, they didn’t mind him. True, the only thing that kept him going was the subject. He loved it. He had an uncanning ability for mechanisms and maintained his top position easily in class.
I was noticing him. He need not tell me. Sometimes you need not have a genius to solve things, just a friend. I tried uplifting his spirits. We talked hours together about her. He was very strong on her. It is just her, no one else.
He could contain himself no longer again. He called her….” Is this 9….., am I speaking to …” “ hey! How are you? Y no calls “ “ how is college…” She was friendly… After a long time, he smiled…..

Analysis is important. A problem remains a problem when it is not analyzed. A problem solved without analysis, remains only temporarily solved. It is just matter of time that it crops up again. So, he analysed... analysed his thoughts. He thought hard, was he really in love. What is love? He couldnt figure out that love was something different from what he was experiencing. He felt that each and every cell in his body was focused only on her and his veins carried not only blood but also his love for her...and therefore he concluded, he did love her.

" hey... so, tell me how are things moving".. "yeah going on.. my dog was very ill, i am upset over that..and moreover my parrot died..." "oh! sorry to hear that..." "that is all right. so, tell me, how is your prep for entrance exams going on.."

He spoke on for a very long time. He was elated. He felt a new energy within him and he took the decision. I will have her.

"hey, you are my friend right.?!!" "of course i am..y ask this suddenly?" " No.. i need a small help from you" "sure sure...tell me" "well, i proposed to a girl last week and she said no. i am still crazy about her. tell me what should i do " There was silence. A long silence...and then she spoke..." err.. hey .. i dont know.." " hey, come on, you told me you would help me!!"

And so it began with her, he started to share his feelings. And she was a wonderful listener. He spoke for hours and she listened on. He shared everything he had with her..his deepest fears, his ambitions, his emotions and his love. She spoke too, first with reluctance, then with confidence. She shared with him, lesser known things about her.

He had a quiz organised at his college, in which she had to take part ( it was the day i saw her!!). He was preparing questions for that. The previous night, he spoke with her about her passions...and the next day, he set a question about that in the quiz!!! and she thought that he was hinting her about the questions!!

He was soaring up again. His constant conversations with her made him confident. Though she did not hint anything towards a relationship, his love for her strengthened. His renewed energy was strikingly visible. He would sing during class hours and dance in the labs! We felt we were getting him back again....

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Women, Natures reflection


The breeze hit my face
The fragrance of the evening melted in,
The shade of the sky,
Crimson sun sinking in glory.
Birds in formations, their young
twittering, a few stars twinkling.
There she came,
Silhouetted against these,
Yet the radiance emitted,
Divine azure in her eyes,
Graceful strides, anklets
Singing her glory.
Ye, look upon!
The embodiment of purity,
Chastity, love and mercy.
Oh! Nature's reflection !

Under the same tree

Under the same tree

It was under the same tree
The days of youth, carefree
Hours of fun, right under the scorching sun
What was there to fear, with many near and dear
A craze inflicting aura, dangerously contagious,
All books lay forgotten, the fun voracious.
It was under the same tree
The bond developed, defying differences
It was under the same tree
Egos clashed, then dissolved
It was under the same tree
dreams became reality, lived through words.....
Rain or storm, it stood, just like us
Rooted from deep within, togetherness
like birds we were, seeking shelter
And the day came, when we needed to part
flew we did, fortunes sought
Under the same tree
I sit now, thinking deep
Would we all flock again, under the same tree……