Thursday, June 05, 2008

My Life.... As I Want It

After a brief wipe with a wet cloth, I set my hair and check my face in the bikes mirror. My old bike has been discarded as it could not withstand the long trips I have to make everyday to my working spot. This is a new one. 220CC, black with silver steaks, digital display, disc brakes and custom made Bluetooth recognition. No button start, for I always like to start it with a kick. Guess its always done to show my superiority over the machine and that it is tamed to me. With home made food slung over my back and my fingers still smelling of the wonderful pongal that my mother made, I start to my office. An hours drive through the tricky traffic. My iPod makes time vanish and I reach office not tired from the drive, but with more drive to challenge the chemicals. Flexible working hours and known-to-my-dad boss makes work and life brilliant.

With occasional messages from my peppermint, the day dissolves and I start back home. Amma calls me and asks me to get some good vegetables and not to forget to buy spinach. Carefully parking my bike away from the maddening crowd in Mada street, I walk in the sun sinking evening through the wonderfully aromatic place and pick up mom ordered vegetables and those I feel like too. When just taking the bike, peppermint messages me. “where are you da? Am here in the usual shop where I recharge my mobile balance.” I run across the road to meet her and bask in her sight. Her blushes and smile are the best energisers. She is working in a well known private bank. As happy as I am. We decide to meet at MFAC after dinner to listen to the concluding thukaddas of the days kutchery.

I reach home by 6.30PM. Amma and Appa are home. Sister is still at dance class. God, how can this female manage so many things?! We discuss about the day and I call up my sister to find out what time she will be back. Appa has retired from his job. But he still goes to the college and takes classes. Amma is pursuing her interests. Together they find more romance. Sister comes back at 7.15PM. We sit together for dinner. Eating is always on the floor. The dining table is just for guests and the flower vase and it doubles up as the ironing bench too. Spicy kurma with steaming Jeera rice is the menu for the day. The plates don’t need washing after we finish eating them. They are sparkling!

Appa and Amma decide to join us for the concert. Its around 8.30PM now. Sister wants to finish her assignments. Her BSc is nearing completion. I tell parents that I will pick up my peppermint and meet them at the concert hall and start to her house. Her parents welcome me happily. We have a small discussion on when to have our engagement and some worldly politics. Me and peppermint walk hand in hand to the concert hall.

It was a beautiful one. TM Krishna was singing Brochevaevarura in Kamaas raaga. One of our very favorites. We hummed along without disturbing the rasikas nearby. After an hour of enthralling music we met with my parents outside the concert hall and then I walked with my peppermint to her house.

10 PM when I reached back home again. Sister was bent on her studies and Appa boiled milk. Amma always used to complain the he gave milk only in moderate heat! After checking and sending mails for an hour, I decide to call it a day. My good night message arrives and I go to bed.
Seriously, this is what I wish my life is. Home is where you heart is. Home is also where your dreams are. What I wish for may come true. But sitting here far away from home and thinking of all the possibilities how life could have turned out to be is very painful. May be it will turn out more beautiful, but all I want is the above, at least.